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BFV Architectes is an architecture studio funded by Jean Bocabeille, Olivier Fassio and Jean-Brice Viaud.

This acronym stands for more than 20 years of experience. It embodies both a historical continuity and a strong desire to grow together and broaden the scope of action. The idea of creating a new practice was obvious to the three men, as much as their will to keep building a consistent, efficient and meaningful kind of architecture.

Together this time.

Bocabeille, Fassio and Viaud’s projects have been carried out either as collective journeys ([BP] Architectures, Plan01 or Fassio-Viaud Architectes) or individual adventures (Jean Bocabeille Architecte). The three architects share a contemporary and expressive approach of architecture and always provide innovating solutions that combine aesthetics and materiality.

BFV Architectes counts more than 50 projects over the past 25 years.

BFV Architectes worked on all kinds of program: mixed-use developments, social housing, private housing, hotels, students halls, nursing homes, offices, public buildings (culture, sport and school facilities) and infrastructures (a tunnel and a highway toll). BFV Architectes experimented a broad range of construction systems using concrete, steel and wood. BFV Architectes also got involved in redevelopment operations of modern architecture buildings. Last, environmental issues and requirements are fully part of BFV architects design process.

Architects scope of action and missions have radically changed throughout the past 10 years. New actors emerged, reflecting new environmental, social and economic requirements (HEQ, project management advisors, promoters, start-ups, residents…) and influencing the design process in many ways.

This evolution can be explained by two key factors. Competitions and calls for projects launched by the city of Paris reshaped the roles of traditional actors of the construction process. Today, private actors such as promoters are assisted by project management advisors, organizations and start-ups. They take a more active part in discussions about the project main lines. They convey new contemporary ideas of what it is to live together , which they enhance through social and environmental proposals. On the other hand, public contractors, assisted by urban planners, developers and project management advisors considerably increased their standards regarding numerous construction features and started to implement labels, prescriptions and procedures to appoint the different actors of the project: architects, construction companies, promoters…

Thus, architectural projects got more and more supervised, shaped upstream and regulated throughout the whole construction process, reducing architects’ scope of action on the very essence of the project. To face these numerous changes, BFV Architectes redefined their architectural practice which they based on their experience and a fundamental skill of the profession: the art of building.

In De Architectura, Vitruvius stated three fundamental conditions to build good architecture: firmitas, utilitas, venustas.

Firmitas, or firmness, implies that “foundations must be carried down to solid grounds, and built with the best and most suitable materials, regardless of the costs”. This definition underlines the durability of buildings, which is based on both firmness and quality of materials, two compulsory features of a good and lasting architecture.

Utilitas, or functionality, implies that buildings must be designed “in a subtle way that responds to the needs of actual users, providing them with spaces offering commodity”. This definition suggests drawing less determined spaces to free buildings from space-related constraints in the future.

Venustas, or beauty, implies that “the overall look must be pleasant and elegant, using adequate and balanced proportions to tie together the different parts of the building”. What if this definition was simply the result of the two concepts defined above?

To conclude, BFV Architectes is driven by a strong desire to share their extensive experience of construction. We want to be reliable and committed partners, to offer our expertise and to foster discussions with all the actors of the real estate world in order to design optimized solutions and smarter developments.

all of us