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Introducing the idea that buildings and functions have a strong connection together. We may think that a theater, a crematorium or a library have nothing in common in terms of creative, technical and functional approach ; however, all these programs share an heterotopic dimension and a capacity to generate places of alterity, a specific feature of cultural programs. We have to understand the spirit of the place and create an atmosphere that visitors will feel and experience.

More than just blending into its surroundings, cultural programs settle in their environment. Like an artistic installation, cultural programs spread their identity through their very existence and materiality. The way the program is expressed to the outer world becomes essential ; the project can be seen as a transition between fiction and reality, from a chemical state to another, from a given situation to a new one. Like a daydream, it must enrich its environment with new stories, give more meaning to a specific program, bring more than just a given function. The fictional approach of the project shapes the reality, invites us to a journey and opens up the visitors mind.

Each opportunity to create such an experience should be taken ; in its narrative approach, architecture can create a whole range of new worlds.